Jefferson Capital Systems Reviews Its Role in Shaping FinTech Excellence

Jefferson Capital Systems has recently made significant contributions to the Receivables Management Association International’s (RMAi) efforts in establishing best practices for FinTech creditors. This is largely in thanks to the insights provided by Peter Williams, the company’s Associate General Counsel.

Peter Williams, with his nearly ten-year tenure on the legal team of Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, has been an instrumental proponent of strategic guidance for numerous FinTech entities engaged in receivables dealings with the firm. Recognized for his deep understanding and expertise of the field, RMAi leveraged Williams’ knowledge in areas such as title chain, securitization, and necessary media for FinTech creditors.

RMAi, a leading nonprofit trade group representing over 600 entities involved in the buying, selling, and collection of both performing and nonperforming receivables in the secondary market, acknowledges the significance of Jefferson Capital’s expertise. Members of RMAi span diverse financial service sectors, including debt purchasing, collections, legal services, original creditors, and other related service providers. The organization’s Certification Program for Receivables Management and its Code of Ethics set the standard for consumer protection and compliance in the receivables sector. Notably, Jefferson Capital was among the initial recipients of this certification.

As an industry leader with two decades of experience in compliance and credit collection practices, Jefferson Capital Systems reviews that its collaborative role with respected bodies like RMAi is invaluable, ensuring that the industry benefits from shared best practices and the latest compliance information through such partnerships.

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